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Major Events Having An Impact of the History and Development of the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.


The Lord Jesus Christ comes, goes to the cross for our sins, dies and rises again that we might have life, completing the plan of salvation for every believer. "I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live again." (John 11:25-26)


The Church was established on the day of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon 120, then 3,000, then 2,000. The church was named for its Founder and Creator, the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.


The establishment of the Apostolic church built upon the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets with Jesus Christ as its chief cornerstone was accomplished.


The presentation of the doctrine of the Apostles as taught by Jesus Christ and recorded in the Word of God was completed. The Doctrine of the Apostles is presented, preached and taught.


The Reformation led by Martin Luther which breaks away for Catholicism and establishes basis for continuation of the true Apostolic church. Rejected the unscriptural practices of Catholicism opening the door for Protestant churches. The Reformation led by Martin Luther rejects the corrupt unscriptural practices of the Catholic Church


The Spiritual Awakening At Topeka, Kansas. The outbreak of the Holy Ghost amongst the students in Topeka, Kansas, USA and the rise of the Methodist theological offspring groups recorded as ,"holiness" and "Fire Baptized" as the first recorded instances of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the U.S. as described in Acts 2:4. However it is also believed that many received the gift throughout the ages. There are many records of charismatic groups during the early church period and the Middle Ages.


Reverend Joseph Seymour, a Black man, attends the Parham Bible School in Houston Texas. According to segregation laws, he must sit on the porch during classes, but completes the school. Seymour is invited to preach in Los Angles. After preaching Acts 2:4 at the local assembly to which he invited, Seymour's message for the necessity of having the Holy Ghost to be saved is rejected. He is locked out of the church because the people feel they were already saved under the "Three Works of Grace" theology. Seymour is forced to hold services in the house offered by one of the Saints and moves to 210 Bonnie Brae Street where he himself receives the Holy Ghost on the porch. In other words, Seymour preached on the necessity of having the Holy Ghost before he received the gift himself.


Reverend Joseph Seymour, A Chosen Vessel to Overseer the Azusa Street Revival. Several receive the Holy Ghost of the porch in and in the house on Bonnie Brae Street so much so the porch breaks down and they must move. They find an old Methodist Church and warehouse located at 312 Azusa Street and acquired it for worship. This marked the beginning of the famous three year meeting called the Azusa Street Revival led by Joseph Seymour, a Black man who was blind in one eye and had a very limited formal education.


The Great Azusa Street Revival in Los Angles. Thousands come to Los Angles between 1906 and 1909 seeking and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost in the Azusa Street Revival. Two individuals who came and received the Holy Spirit was C.H. Mason, who founded the Church of God in Christ and Elder Henry Prentiss who would later preach to G.T. Haywood. Brother Barbour , a brother in the congregation of Elder Prentiss, asked Mr. G.T. Haywood to attend church with him. Brother Haywood, a talented teacher, writer, and later minister of the Gospel, is saved and accepts God's calling. He is a dedicated student of the Bible and eventually becomes Pastor of Christ Temple Church, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Lawson's Call from God Through Affliction- Indianapolis, Indiana. A man by the name of Robert C. Lawson is hospitalized with tuberculosis in Indianapolis, and has a prize fighter roommate whose mother was a Holy Ghost woman belonging to Christ Temple pastored by G.T. Haywood. Doctors tell Lawson he has but a short time to live. He remembers the testimony of the old Holy Ghost woman. He prays and God heals his body. He makes his way to Christ Temple where he is baptized, filled with the Holy Ghost and called to preach. The affliction was the Lord's "Wake-up Call" for a chosen life and vessel.


G.T. Haywood mentors Lawson's and is a key Influence in is Life. G.T. Haywood was a stern taskmaster for all his ministers and required the young Lawson, Hancock, Schooler and Washington to study the Bible, page by page, covering the Old and New Testaments 6 times per year. Each Thursday night, Haywood would sit with them. They were instructed to read only the Bible, no other material. R.C. Lawson becomes an effective Bible student, teacher and preacher. Haywood taught his ministers on the "New Issues" which were the "Oneness of God", the Baptism in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ rather the titles, and the "Finished works of Calvary" advocacy simply put means when one receives the Holy Spirit, they are saved, sanctified and filled. It is not a gradual process as believed in the "three works of grace" theology, that one is saved, then sanctified, but may or may not be filled with the Holy Ghost.


Haywood's Creative Talents Rub Off and are Used By R.C. Lawson in His Ministry. Haywood teaches using charts and maps he creates. Haywood is a avid song writer, poet, publisher, artist, Bible teacher, and travels to the Holy Land early in his ministry. Conducts a Bible class on Sunday evening which attracts thousands. Haywood has a profound impact on Lawson to the point that he would later write a number of songs, (Songs of Christ), employs Brother Charles Hill to complete his charts for Bible class, become a profound scholar, world traveler, teacher, minister and publisher himself. (Established the Church of Christ Publishing Company)


Haywood becomes the Secretary of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Organization. R.C. Lawson becomes a presiding Elder along with Elders Schooler and Washington. R.C. Lawson sees the significance of organization, procedures, administrative skills and leadership. As Presiding Elder, he also pastors three churches, San Antonio Texas, Columbus Ohio, and St. Louis Missouri. Lawson is trained under Haywood as an administrator, organizer and leader.


At the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World Convocation, Lawson seeks to be recognized and to present his differing scriptural views on "Marriage and Divorce" and his opposition to "women preachers". The chair refuses to allow his presentation and he thereby purposes to resign. Lawson invites the Presiding Bishop of the P.A. of W, E.K. Doak to his home for breakfast and hands him his written resignation. He remains pastor of the three churches; Columbus, St. Louis and San Antonio.


The Lord calls R.C. Lawson to New York. He arrives without a congregation, following or church home. While on the subway, the Lord told him to follow the first man he sees, which was Elder Edward Anderson.


God calls R.C. Lawson to New York and the Refuge Church of Christ (COOLJC) is founded. Lawson joins the prayer group hosted in the home by Edward Anderson, Addie Anderson and Sister Beliegh. Visits several home "Cottage" Prayer meetings in Harlem. Audiences are impressed by his presentation, knowledge of the Bible, speaking diction and large physical stature. Lawson preaches on the streets of Harlem and the Lord blesses him with a large following.


The establishment of great Tent Meetings on 141st Lenox Avenue in New York bring Much spiritual fruit. Discovery and purchase of 52-54-56 West 133rd Street and renovations begin, knocking out the walls and construction of a church.


Establishment of the Refuges Churches of Christ Headquarters known as "Beloved Refuge". Several ministers affiliate, are taught and sent out from the 133rd Street headquarters. Tent Meetings contribute to the growth and development of the church.

**Edited from original text The Contender for the Faith, 75th Jubilee Journal,Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith,Inc.,Faith,1994**

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