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  Leadership .    Women's Day 
July 14  , 2002 
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Praise The Lord!

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  • Women's Day!
  • How To Communicate To Change Lives
  • Lincoln's Principles On Leadership
  • Spotting a New Leader
  • Christ Temple Women of Faith Fellowships

  • How To Communicate To Change Lives

    Why do  speakers speak? Since the goal of  speaking is to change lives,  speaking is the ultimate tool for church growth. But how can you be effective in communication through  speaking? Listed below are eight questions to ask about your  speaking.

    1. Who will I be  speaking to? Asking questions like, "What are their needs?", "What are their hurts?", and, "What are their interests?", will help us focus on where the people are. Why ask? Because although there are three things that always get one's attention:
      • Things that threaten us.
      • Things that are unusual.
      • Things that we value.
       speaker can only consistently keep people's attention by focusing on what people value.

    2. What does the bible say about their needs?
      Since the Bible is the Book of Life, is will have the answer to peoples needs! The  speaker's task is to show the Bible to be relevant for today's needs.

    3. What is the most practical way to say it? Application is the central task in  speaking. So,  speaking must be practical enough for people to know what to do.
        How to make  speaking more practical?
      • Always aim for action.
      • Tell the people why.
      • Show them how.
      Exhortation without explanation leads to frustration. Too often people respond to a message with the expression, "Yes, but how?" In other words, I agree with what you're saying, but how do I do it?

    4. What is the most positive way to say it?
      Jesus never tried to convert anyone with anger. Although the Scriptures clearly warn of judgment, negative  speaking only produces negative people. Promote the positive alternatives to sin and  speak humbly.

    5. What is the most encouraging way to say it?
        Everyone has three fundamental needs:
      • To have their faith reinforced,
      • To have their hope renewed,
      • To have their love restored.
        The key to encouraging people is don't just tell it like it is, but also tell it like it could be.

    6. What is the simplest way to say it?
      Jesus taught profound truth in simple ways. Since a person forgets 90 to 95% of what they hear in seventy-two hours, the sermon needs to be definable in a single thought.
        How do you simplify the sermon?
      • Condense the message into a single sentence.
      • Avoid using religious terms.
      • Keep your outline simple.
      • Make your application fit.
      • Never make a point without a picture.

    7. What is the most personal way to say it?
      People today are skeptical and resistant to sales pitches, so the message must be made personal - "He's  speaking to me!"
        How do you  speak with impact?
      • Honestly share your struggles.
      • Honestly share your progress.
      • Share what you are learning. ..

    8. What is the most interesting way to say it?
      To the unchurched, dull  speaking is unforgivable. Vary your delivery! Jesus told stories about people and He also used humor. Humor relaxes people, makes painful medicine easier to accept and creates positive emotions.

      In summary, good effective  speaking is not just an accident. It should be thought through. Finally, the most effective key to  speaking is simply LOVE PEOPLE

    Lincoln's Principles On Leadership

    Taken from "Lincoln on Leadership", by Donald T. Phillips, Warner Books

  • It is important that the people know you come among them without fear.

  • Remember, human action can be modified to some extent, but human nature cannot be changed.

  • When you extinguish hope, you create desperation.

  • You must be consistently fair and decent, in both the business and the personal side of life.

  • Remember: Your organization will take on the personality of its top leader.

  • Do the very best you know how - the very best you can - and keep doing it until the end.

  • Avoid major conflict in the form of quarrels and arguments . you simply don't have time for it.

  • Make consistency one of the main cogs in the machinery of your organization.

  • Try not to feel insecure or threatened by your followers.

  • When the occasion is piled high with difficulty, rise with it. Think anew and act anew.

  • Remember that the best leaders never stop learning.

  • Don't lose confidence in your people when they fail.

  • Loyalty is more often won through private conversation than in any other way.

  • Don't forget that humor is a major component of your ability to persuade people.

  • When effecting renewal, call on the past, relate it to the present, and then use them both to provide a link to the future.

  • Everywhere you go, at every conceivable opportunity, reaffirm, reassert and remind everyone of the basic principles upon which your organization was founded.

  • Always let your subordinates know that the honor will be all theirs if they succeed and the blame will be all yours if they fail.

  • Spotting a New Leader

    10 Traits to identify a promising person

    1. Leadership in the past. The best predictor of the future is the past.

    2. The capacity to create or catch vision. When I talk to people about the future, I want their eyes to light up. I want them to ask the right questions.

    3. A constructive spirit of discontent. Some people would call this criticism, but there's a big difference in being constructively discontent and being critical. The unscratchable itch is always in the leader.

    4. Practical Ideas. Not everybody with practical ideas is a leader, of course, but leaders seem to be able to identify which are and which aren't.

    5. A willingness to take responsibility. Leaders will bear work, for the feeling of contributing to other people is what leadership is all about.

    6. A completion factor. In the military, it is called "completed staff work." The half-cooked meal isn't what you want.

    7. Mental toughness. No one can lead without being criticized or without facing discouragement. I don't want a mean leader; I don't want a tough leader.

    8. Peer respect. Peer respect doesn't reveal ability, but can show character and personality.

    9. Family respect. The family's feelings toward someone reveal much about his or her potential to lead.

    10. A quality that makes people listen to them. Potential leaders have a "holding court" quality about them. When they speak, people listen.

    Christ Temple Women of Faith Fellowships

    ...a network of caring women in scope, yet one on one ministry.

      Do you have problems?   Do you have burdens that you want to release?  Everyone knows that Christians have a direct line to Jesus.  He is there to answer all our prayers and to comfort us.

    However, sometimes our burdens get so hard that we seek  comfort and understanding from our fellow sisters.  The Lord tells us to share our troubles with each other.  He tells us to pray for each other.  When one hurts, we all hurt.  When one rejoices, we all should rejoice.  

    When you come to the fellowship and you feel that you need someone to talk to or you just need comfort, the prayer warriors are there for you.  They are there to listen; they are there to comfort; and most of all they are there to pray with you.

     Whatever, you share with a prayer warrior stays with the prayer warrior. CONFIDENTIALITY is the most important part of being a prayer warrior.

    We pray that you leave the fellowship in good spirits and with a better relationship with the Lord.  The pray warriors are there to help you.  However, when you leave the fellowship, we encourage you to go to your home church and continue to share your hurts, pains and problems with your pastor or a fellow church member who you know you can trust.

    Just remember, the Christ Temple Women of Faith Fellowship is there for you.  May God Bless you.

    "And Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.  With this in mind be alert and always keep on praying  for all the saints.  Ephesians 6:18(NIV)

    "Confess you faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed.  The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16(KJV)

    Rejoice with them that do rejoice, and weep with them that weep. Romans 12:15(KJV)



     Women's  Day Special Guest Speaker 

    Missionary Lorretta   Howard is gifted as a strong apostolic leader with a powerful prophetic anointing. Her pioneering spirit is evident through her apostolic prophetic teaching and impartation that releases God's purposes.

    Churches are significantly impacted as Lorretta ministers to leaders and churches. She travels extensively conducting leadership conferences with an emphasis on releasing the prophetic and apostolic anointings in cities and regions.

    Loretta Howard is President of the Social Service Missionary Department at BibleWay Temple in Washington DC. where Bishop James Silver is the pastor. She is also member of the Radio Choir.

    Loretta is originally from Winston-Salem,North Carolina and has been in the metropolitan area for over 38 years. In November 1998, she received certification as a Phlebotomist and MedicalAssistant which she retired December 1998 with 38 years of Federal Government Service. Since 1986 she has volunteered with Hospice of Prince George'sCounty. She and her husband have been married for 42 years, with two children and five grandchildren..

     What has happened to the spirit of the great leaders who went before us. Where is their staunt spirit? Where is their moral composure?

       I believe in who we are as a people. I also believe that we   Women are the most influential people in the world. Our  teaching shapes the hearts and minds of our nation. Whether you teach a children's Sunday School class or  First Lady of a church, you are someone who people are watching. You are their example. You are the living testimony of what you teach. Your actions speak volumes over your words. One single act of indiscretion on your part can destroy years of ministry.

    Fellow  women, it's time to affirm what you believe in. It's time to step up and let it rip. Not just flippant rhetoric, but words of conviction. Words that shape peoples character. Words that convict their conscience. It's time to  teach lessons that come from the heart of God.  Spiritual lessons that shape the minds and hearts of this  generation of future leaders. A future President could be sitting in one of your pews. He could be listening to your every word and watching your every action.

    I want my example to affirm what I  teach. If you are having trouble morally, please pray and get right with God!  You are destroying the character of the people you lead. I wonder if there is an "amen" out there? Hey fellow  sisters, let's live out our convictions.

    I have determined that I am going to outlive the evil of the  women who fell before me.    I'm going to keep marching to the sound of the bugler's charge. There can be no retreat for those on the front line. This soldier is going to keep moving forward. I cannot look back at those weak-minded individuals who lay in the dust of defeat. Spiritual Liberty will only come if you and I are willing to pay the price for it. Be a Leader today. Be a Leader in your  church Sunday. Remember people are gauging your words, by the actions of your life.

    .   Announcements ...

    Christ Temple

     Women's Day

    9020 B Woodyard RD

    Clinton MD 20735


    Sunday July 23, 2017

    at 4:00pm

    Theme:  " What's in a Name?.. Some Call Him Emmanuel, but I call him ......"

    Please wear white

    For Those who attended on May 14, 2017, your topics and roles have not changed.

    For the other invited speakers your topics and roles have not changed.

    Christ Temple Angels will be performing.

    All Women Are Welcome!!!! 

     Bruce Family & Friends Days

    Picnic at  

      Birchwood Community Center

    August 5, 2017
    Worship Service
    Sunday, August 6, 2017
    Christ Temple
    9020B Woodyard RD
    Clinton, MD 20735
    "The Dynamic Duo"
    Rev. Dr. Silas Townsend
    St John's Baptist Church, Camden NJ
    Elder Leo  Townsend Jr..
    Christ Temple
    Clinton, MD

    Please bring something from the Menu to the Picnic 
     Hamburgers & Hamburger Rolls
    Hot Dogs & Hot Dog Rolls
    Tuna Salad
    Potato Salad
    Tossed Salad
    Fried Chicken/Baked Chicken
    Fried Fish/Baked Fish
    Chips & Dip
    Paper Plates & Cups
    Plastic Forks, Spoons & Knives
    String Greens
    Baked Beans
    Board Games
    Bats & Balls
    Jump Ropes
    Half Smokes
    Barbeque Chicken/Ribs
    Special Dishes/Desserts
    Please bring utensils to serve your dishes.
    Please bring 5.00 per Adul
     Don't forget to practice your talents for the Talent Show!   

         voice:  301  868 3567 

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